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Miss SMPN1NOM Crew Prediction

Miss SMPN1NOM Crew Prediction for Miss WOrld 2009 in Second Edition. Perla Beltran of Mexico still got first place.

Miss World 2009 Prediction Second Edition

Second Edition(4/12)
Miss World 2009 will be held in Johanessbourgh, South Africa on December 12, 2009. This is our result for prediction in Second Edition.

The 9 Panel Judges of The Second Edition :
1. Bagus Aditya(Miss SMPN1NOM Crew Director)
2. Yunda Parasti(Miss SMPN1NOM 2008)
3. Vicha Sandiya Pitaloka(Miss SMPN1NOM 2009)
4. Indah Dikarani(First Runner Up Miss SMPN1NOM 2008)
5. Amelia Rahmawati(First Runner up Miss SMPN1NOM 2009)
6. Gilang Pratama Putra
7. Ardiansyah Nur W
8. Putri Setya Wardani
9. Alfiatur Rizqi(Miss SMPN1NOM 2009 Finalist)

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